Our board and adherents favour, as you have no doubt detected, frequent shedding of clothing so that our largest organ, skin, can luxuriate in the breeze, sun, waters, and mist.  Our little gallery provides suggestion, inspiration, and motivation.  We like to rub ourselves up against nature.  We live in a northern rainforest, so our opportunities to be naked in the wild (or semi-wild) are limited by the season; we persist as we can and don’t exclude a quick run in the snow.  Avid followers who also share these tastes frequently send us images they feel certain we’d love, and they’re seldom wrong: we hope you’ll enjoy this selection of them. Yes, the sent images frequently feature comely and youthful men, most genitally intact, but we encourage men of any age, colour, ability, or body type, with or without foreskin, to be proud of their bodies and we welcome their images.

If you find yourself displayed here, and do not wish to be, please let us know and your picture will be taken down – it is not our desire to offend copyright. If on the other hand you find yourself here and are pleased with your contribution to our mission, also let us know!  Would you like to show yourself nude in nature on this site?  Please shoot us a picture!  (Note: We accept and display images only of models aged 18+).