Our Manifesto


What sustains and nourishes during this time of upheaval, deterioration and destruction? How should we be and how should we act? We have more questions than answers, and are only beginning to disentangle ourselves from the tentacles of industrialization. We aim for simplicity, non-accumulation, and connection with nature, revering it while it is under siege, and helping it where we can.

Recognising that we are integral to, not separate from, nature, we are determined to enjoy all our senses, naked and alive, and celebrate joy, companionship and sensation. This helps us to be present for our own lives, and for the lives of our fellows, moment by moment.

We love to be naked and find that state powerful for many reasons. Nakedness encourages us to accept our bodies as they are, diminishes our shame, deepens our contact with our environment (the illustrations throughout our site and in our gallery allude to this), and is inherently equalizing. We like to eliminate the many filters between our sensorium and the experience of being animals in the world. We find that shedding our clothing is a good place to start.

Who we are

We are people who identify as male, most of whom place themselves somewhere on the spectrum of LGBTQQIP2SAA. Because that bit of alphabet soup is a tad unwieldly, we use the term Queer proudly. It’s not just an abbreviation for many of us, but a reflection of the sexual, political, and philosophical counter-normality in which we feel most at home.

We acknowledge that some members of our communities struggle with that word, particularly those of our respected elders who historically experienced “queer” as a demeaning pejorative; we do not insist that anyone join us in reappropriating it. Members and contributors to our community are welcome to refer to themselves with whatever term fits best for them (or no term at all); our style sheet is not a rigid one.

We do not exclude our female or gender non-binary fellow travellers from participation in our community or our lives, nor us in theirs. Our project is not about exclusion nor isolation. Rather, our goal is to simultaneously undermine traditional patriarchy while we reconstruct a masculinity with compassion, love, and joy at its heart, through male-centred communion.

For too long, we as males have been trained by our culture to distrust and compete with each other, to resolve our differences through violence, both real and simulated. We believe that the path to change is not through suppression of masculinity, but through an embrace of its finest potentials.

We are a worldwide, digital community, but many of us are physically based in Western Canada, especially represented in and around Vancouver, British Columbia,a city situated in and on the unceded traditional territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh first peoples.

We warmly welcome the participation of people of all generations, cultures, classes, abilities, racial identities, and spiritual beliefs (except New Age: y’all are a bit bonkers) who share our mission.

Many of us live in large, progressive centres where being queer is relatively safe, even celebrated. We reach out to and welcome people living in small towns and rural communities, and queer people living under regimes where their lives are in constant danger because of who they are.

What motivates us

Joy in the expanded here-and-now is our foremost goal, and among us joy is often expressed in a naked state in the scented woods and along rivers and beaches. We like to wander, walk, run, and play alone or together. We look at mosses, birds, insects — and listen for the slow conversation of trees. We love to sit around a fire. We hold that all evolved is sacred, as is the apparently inanimate: snow, rain, sun, rock and sky.

We shed our simple clothing whenever we can. We celebrate the penis and resist its mutilation. We reject shame. We reject objectification, both of ourselves and by ourselves. In our interactions with each other we aspire to an interpetation of subject-SUBJECT consciousness introduced by Harry Hay.

Our physicality is important to us in its intimate connection to our spirituality. We have no idea if our consciousness, or the energy of our spirit, dies with us or carries on in some form, but one thing is certain: the body is done when we die. Millions of years of evolution have brought us this glorious instrument with its capacity to think and feel, and we are going to explore it and enjoy it as much as we can!

We avoid drugs that are numbing and embrace hallucinogens as teachers and expanders of the sacred. We seek to be open to the vast mystery in which we live. We seek to express, through word or deed, our love for each other as our capacity for unconditional love grows.

We hold that the industrial revolution has been a tragedy of destruction now in its final, chaotic act; that the Abrahamic religions have also led us away from nature, into endless war and an absurd focus on an imagined hereafter; that greed, wealth and accumulation as ends rather than means are besetting evils; that labour devoid of connection with others and destructive of nature is to be resisted; that what is needed is not just a halt to “progress” and “growth” as those are commercially defined, but action based on a vision of the world in its pre-industrial state;  and finally, that nearly hopeless as restoration of our world may be, we may persevere moment by moment with simplicity, love and abiding joy in nature.