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Dirty Boy™

Conceptual Products for Real Men 

Dirty Boy attractants are about manly environments and the way men smell.
Unload your girly perfume and shop here!
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“Tow Truck” Hook & Chain Squirt
(150ml $79.95) It takes a special kind of man to remove an Audi from a tight space. This Dirty Boy attractant will have you dreaming of your next violation. [More…]




“Shotgun” Shell Squirt
(150ml $79.95) As the rising sun hits the mist on the marsh, you hear the crisp report of a beer can opening. The smell of gun oil is in the air. Your mind goes back to that hunting trip with Joey when you were 14…. [More…]



“Deckhand” Rope Spool Smear Jar
(150ml $69.95)
Ever been to sea? You’ll want to enlist once you’ve sampled this pungent addition to the Dirty Boy line. You’ll never think of seamen the same way again. [More…]



puckPenalty Box” Puck Smear Can
(150ml $69.95) The chilled air, the sweat, blood dripping from your lip, the roar of the crowd, an itch in your groin that you just can’t reach. If you’re out of the action, Penalty Box by Dirty Boy will have you remembering the camaraderie of the locker room. [More…]



Hired Hand Drill Squirt
(150ml $89.95) His wet, glistening biceps bulge as he hefts a 40 pound sack of oats. He tosses the feed like it’s a water balloon. He’s a Dirty Boy, and he’s wearing Hired Hand. [More…]




“Outbuilding” Smear or Squirt Drum (Smear 150ml $79.95, Squirt 160ml $69.95) The buzz of flies segues to the buzz of an opening zipper. You drop your overalls and lean against the back wall. You tell him, “We have to hurry, my dad is waiting for me to slop the pigs.” [More…]